• Electric fence around the perimeter block wall
  • 2 day and 4 night guards patrol the premises with 24-hour alarm backup.
  • One night guard with a trained dog on duty every night
  • Panic remote buttons placed in each bedroom next to the bed headrest
  • A safe is provided for safe guard of personal and important items and valuables.
  • The premises are under 24-hours CCTV camera surveillance


  • All residents are provided with 3keys (1) main staircase (2) main door key (3) balcony door key. We encourage all residents to safely lock all doors as you enter and leave the premises.
  • Availability of on-site manager with easy access through extension 101


  • Ample and safe secure parking for your vehicle.


  • Fully equipped gym 
  • Swimming pool and steam at your convenience
  • A residents’ wine bar to unwind down and relax
  • Individual wireless Internet connected in every apartments
  • Selected DSTV channels and DVD player are available
  • A second television can be provided in the master bedroom


  • There is a standby generator that is provided in case of power failure
  • Each apartment is provided with a fire extinguisher, which is placed in the dhobi/utility area.
  • There is a water hose reel next to the main entrance door of each block in case of any emergency

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