• The apartment is secured with an electric fence around its perimeter wall.
  • There is 24-hour alarm backup with a day guard on duty
  • 2 day guards and 3 night guards one with a trained dog patrol the premises everyday.
  • All apartments have panic buttons
  • A safe is provided for safekeeping of personal and important items and valuables.
  • The entire property is under 24hours camera surveillance.


  • All residents are provided with access keys for ease of getting into their apartments as well as security purposes
  • The residents have access to the on-site manager who will attend to their queries


  • Ample and safe secure parking for your vehicle.


  • Fully equipped gym 
  • Wireless Internet in every apartments
  • A DSTV decoder and DVD player


  • There is a fire extinguisher in all apartments
  • In all main entrances, there is a water hose reel in case of any emergency
  • There is a standby generator that is provided in case of power failure

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